Far Cry 4 Update v1.8.0 Incl Escape from Durgesh Prison DLC (multi) - FTS

Far Cry 4 Update v1.8.0 Incl Escape from Durgesh Prison DLC (multi) - FTS

 Версия обновления: 1.8.0 (от 4 февраля 2015)
• Требуемая версия: любая (multi)
• Тип обновления: Официальное
• Таблетка: Присутствует (3DM) v2 и отдельно NoDVD Pack (old)
The Hurk Deluxe Pack DLC описание
Deluxe-пакет «От Хёрка» содержит: 

5 заданий:
- "Возвращение Хёрка": сделайте так, чтобы Хёрк не угодил за решетку, - выполните 3 задания для одиночной игры.
- "Кровавый рубин": люди Пэйгана Мина обнаружили редкий драгоценный камень. Не дайте тирану завладеть национальным достоянием.
- "Ферма яков": защитите ферму от яростной атаки людей Пэйгана. 

5 видов оружия:
- Гарпун "Пронзатель"
- Мачете
- Пулемет "Перфоратор"
- Пистолет 1911 «Морфей»
- Слонобойная двустволка
Escape From Durgesh Prison DLC описание
FAR CRY 4 Побег из тюрьмы Дургеш 

Вас и еще одного заключенного подвергли пыткам в тюрьме Юмы. Совершите побег и попробуйте выжить в Кирате Пэйгана Мина.

Update v1.8.0
Title Update Status:
•    PS4 - LIVE
•    Xbox One - LIVE
•    PS3 - LIVE
•    Xbox 360 - LIVE
•    PC - LIVE 

First, the Far Cry 4 dev team wants to give a big shout-out to all the map creators. Thanks for your dedication and for creating over 100,000 maps so far. We are constantly impressed by your ingenuity and creativity. Keep them coming.These are some of the upcoming changes for the IGE. 

Regarding co-op for UGC maps:
•    All maps will be playable in co-op and in single player.
•    Map creators will be able to place two player spawn points. The first one will spawn P1, while the second one will spawn P2.
•    If only one player spawn point is present in the map, both players will spawn at the same location.
•    Quick play top rated co-op (public matchmaking, can invite a friend).
•    Quick play random co-op (public matchmaking, can invite a friend).
•    Custom co-op lobby. This is a private lobby only and it’s possible to create a playlist of 4 maps. 

We added some new features:
•    On console, Lock/Unlock camera function. This is available when using the Select tool.
•    Occlusion Mesh helper. When you place an object or move an object, a gray box will display the occlusion mesh. This option can be enabled/disabled in the Editor settings.
•    5 new Ally rebel archetypes. 

Some of the most important bugs we fixed:
•    Fix an issue where the Snow was de-activated when restarting a map while in the Map Editor.
•    Fix an issue where the Vista and the Snow do not appear once the map is published.
•    Fix an issue where the animal would not go out of an open cage.
•    Fix an issue where the rotation wasn't working for the spawners of wave 2 to 5 and for the ambient spawners
•    Fix an issue where the wave trigger settings were reset to the default value when opening the map.
•    Fix an issue where the healing syringe counter was displaying the wrong value after the Player restarted a mission
•    Static vehicles are no longer accounted in the AI budget
•    Fix an issue where the Map Editor could crash while using the Bumb tool.
•    On PC, fix copy to clipboard function. Map creators can now copy and paste objects from one map to another.
•    On PC, fix an issue where the search starts as soon as a letter is entered rather than after pressing Enter.
All Platforms [PC, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS4, PS3]In-Game Editor [IGE]
•    IGE Co-Op is now live!
•    Fixed various Gameplay functionality issues with asset placements
•    Fixed various Gameplay functionality issues with the Map Browser 

•    Integrated Outpost Master in Co-Op
•    Fixed various client connectivity issues
•    Fixed various Host/Client replication issues 

Load and Save Files
•    Fixed various checkpoint placement issues 

•    Fixed the occasional issue with vehicle placement 

Matchmaking and PvP
•    Fixed matchmaking stability and general issues with PvP
•    Fixed inconsistencies with XP in the load-out menu 

•    Fixed spawning issues under specific circumstances 

Xbox 360 and Xbox One
•    Fixed co-op matchmaking issues when user's signed in as an inactive profile
Update v1.7.0
- Added DLC support
Update v1.6.0
-    Added hotkey for toggling the HUD on/off (F11)
-    Fixed an issue when the game loaded incorrect save from Uplay Cloud
-    Fixed an issue with performance drop for Crossfire Multi-GPU
-    Fixed an issue with broken shadows in the northern region
-    Fixed various Controls issues
-    Fixed various Graphic issues
-    Fixed various IGE issues
-    Fixed various UI issues
-    Fixed various Uplay/Steam issues
-    Memory usage reduced
Update v1.5.0
-    Added 21:9 aspect ratio support
-    Added Russian text and subtitles to worldwide game version
-    Fixed an issue with aim assist
-    Fixed an issue with grappling if aim button was remapped on another key
-    Fixed an issue with mouse input
-    Fixed an issue with movement key binding on mouse buttons
-    Fixed an issue with Uplay invites in Steam version
-    Fixed various Controls issues
-    Fixed various Graphic issues
-    Fixed various IGE issues
-    Fixed various Session Browser issues
-    Fixed various UI issues
-    NVIDIA graphics preset was removed
-    Reduced performance drop impact during streaming
Update v1.4.0
•    Fixed the "black screen" issue PC players were experiencing when certain USB peripherals were plugged in.
•    Fixed the "grey screen" issue some PC players were may have encountered after the Outpost Master Mission.
PVP + Co-Op
•    The game will no longer freeze if a player accepts a Co-Op invite while in the Uplay App after quickly selecting a storage device.
•    Players will no longer experience very low FPS if they join a friend in a PvP lobbly while in the Uplay browser.
•    The game will no longer remain on a black screen if they use the Fast Travel feature immediately after the Bell Tower unlock cinematic.
•    Resolved certain issues that prevented a player from returning to the Story Mode from the Co-Op tab.
•    Players will now be able to achieve 100% progression if they do not drive a snowmobile when the vehicle is available.
•    Players will now be able to reach 100% progression after the "Day 1" Patch is applied.
•    Corrected an issue where Trophies would not be rewarded for several weapons.
Main Menu
•    The player will now hear ambient sound if they return tot he Main Menu from the Uplay App.
Update v1.3.0
Here is the list of known issues fixed by the Day 1 Patch. Note, the patch for PC users contains a number of additional fixes - these are indicated throughout the notes below.
Stability & Performance
•    Fixed some random crashes on all game modes
•    Fixed various edge case animation issues
•    Fixed various edge case detection issues
•    Fixed missing VO for edge case reaction issues
Matchmaking, Connectivity & Replication
•    Fixed matchmaking edge case issues
•    Fixed host migration random & edge case issues
•    Fixed join-in-progress edge case issues
•    Fixed various replication issues between host and clients
•    Fixed edge case replication issues with systems
Menus and HUD
•    Fixed various edge case menus and pop-up overlap issues
•    Fixed Mission objectives & updates issues
•    Fixed Co-op specific pop-up updates issues
•    Fixed few localization issues (cut-off text, subtitles)
•    Fixed progression displaying 100% too early in progress tab
•    Polished tutorial images
Mission Tweaks (Campaign, Co-Op & Side Content)
•    Fixed various low repro walkthrough breaks
World & 3D
•    Fixed various texture issues
•    Deleted some rare floating objects
Rendering & Graphics Features (PC Only)
•    Fixed rendering features not available under certain configurations
•    Fixed multi-monitor display issues
•    Fixed multiple visual artifacts; added SLI support
Inputs & Controls (PC Only)
•    Fixed mouse cursor and keyboard functionality
In-Game map editor
•    Fixed some graphical corruptions
•    Fixed some edge case issue with maps upload

1. Установить Update в папку с игрой
2. Применить таблетку если требуется
3. Играть



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