Middle Earth Shadow of Mordor Update 4 + DLC (Multi) - FTS

Middle Earth Shadow of Mordor Update 4 + DLC (Multi) - FTS

Версия обновления: (Update 4)
Требуемая версия: Любая
Таблетка: Присутствует (ALI213)
PC Specific Bug Fixes: 

- Stability (Crash Fixes): Fixed a crash caused when the user has multiple video adapters, and the first adapter is not DX11 compatible but the second adapter is.
- Performance: Fixed issue where screen tearing was noticeable when maxFPS is set to 60 and Vsync is enabled. Vsync no longer causes the framerate to cap at 30
- UI: Added option to disable FXAA and improved associated help text. When running Shadow of Mordor on a laptop, a new battery display appears over the in-game UI.
- SLI: Fixed flickering on Uruk skin when SLI is enabled. 

Gameplay Specific Fixes: 

- Fixed game state issue where Power Struggles in Udыn were no longer spawning.
- Fixed scenario where access to Sauron’s Army screen is lost after completing the game.
- Prevented issued caused by loading save data that was created on the base game, after patch 1.05 is installed, causing loss of functionality.
- Fixed issue caused by dying then restarting Lithariel’s Challenge, which caused most Audio to no longer play.
- Fixed issue where Invert Aim Game Setting in Photo Mode inverts the mouse's Camera Offset.
- Runes Exploits: The player can no longer receive duplicate Epic Runes if the Captains are killed using Dispatch. Canceling a GP mission will no longer duplicate all Runes on the map.

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