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Surviving Mars: Digital Deluxe Edition [Update 2 + 1 DLC] (2018) PC | RePack от SpaceX

5-04-2018, 19:45
Surviving Mars: Digital Deluxe Edition [Update 2 + 1 DLC] (2018) PC | RePack от SpaceX

 Год выхода: 2018
 Жанр: Simulation, Strategy, 3D
 Разработчик/Издательство: Haemimont Games / Paradox Interactive
 Язык интерфейса:   EN/FR/DE/ES/BR/PL +  Русский
 Язык озвучки:   Английский
 Тип издания: RePack
 Таблетка: Не требуется (GOG | DRM-Free)

 Операционная система: Microsoft® Windows® 7 / 8 / 10 (64 Bit)
 Процессор: Intel® Core™ i3 2.66 GHz
 Оперативная память: 4096 Mb
 Звуковая плата: Аудиокарта, совместимая с DirectX® 9.0с
 Графический ускоритель: 2048 Mb, OpenGL 3.0
 Свободное место на HDD: 6 Gb

Surviving Mars – это научно-фантастический симулятор поселения, где вашей целью будет колонизировать Марс и не умереть в процессе. Выберите космическое агентство, которое будет обеспечивать вам логистику и финансовую поддержку, затем определитесь с местом для колонии. Возводите купола и остальную инфраструктуру, исследуйте новые возможности, используйте дронов, чтобы усовершенствовать и расширять ваше поселение. Выращивайте еду, добывайте минералы или же просто расслабляйтесь в баре после тяжелой рабочей смены. Но самое главное — не давайте погибать колонистам. Что не самая простая задача на неизведанной планете.
Update 2 (Spirit Update)
Кто-то писал:
Below you can find the CHANGELOG:

Major Changes

- Science Institute renamed to Hawking Institute in tribute to Stephen Hawking
- Added Birth Control Policy in domes. You can now set births to allowed or forbidden (Ctrl + LMB sets birth control policy in all domes)
- Increased max zoom out distance
- Optimized the way colonists pick workplaces. Colonists should now pick the best workplace for their specialization correctly and much faster
- Added "Reassign All" button to drones which reassigns all drones from this commander or orphaned drones in the area
- Colonists will no longer try to walk kilometers on foot to resettle resulting in them dying from lack of oxygen
- Rover Command AI tech now removes the batteries of all rovers
- Added a keybinding (default: i) that hides/shows resource & anomaly icons on the map
- Rovers are more likely to effectively use tunnels
- Rovers pathfinding improved
- Added free camera option in Photo Mode


- Published most of the game code for reference purposes
- Added cheats menu to mod editor
- Mod editor now loads a map with a prebuilt colony
- Enabled a Lua console on the mod editing map
- Localization tables from mods can now localize the main menu
- Mod docuentation fixes
- Allowed renaming of mods
- Added support for PNG files in mod cover images
- Easier way of adding technologies, research points and applicants from mission sponsor and commander profile mods
- UI modding: templates
- Infopanel modding: all templates in groups InfopanelHeader and InfopanelContent
- Added list of technologies to docuentation
- Added autoattaches and night lighting objects to modding docuentation


- Extended the range rovers need to be in to recharge from cables. The RC Transport looks for cables in the start and ending point of transport routes automatically
- Lowered the chance for idiot flaw to appear in the colony and applicant pool
- Space Rehabilitation tech removes flaws before newly arrived colonists decide in which dome to settle
- Fixed an issue where shuttles could fail to pick up a colonist for resettlement
- Fixed an issue where some buildings connected to a very large power network failed to get power
- Reserved residence slots are released if the colonist can't reach the dome during resettlement
- Salvaging a rocket without its cargo unloaded should no longer leads to stuck drones
- Colonists that fail to reach a dome won't constantly try to reach it again and again
- Dome Streamlining tech now affects the Geoscape Dome
- Construction Nanites no longer construct sites that are turned off
- Renegades and rogue drones no longer target construction sites
- Superconducting Computing now provides less research points
- General Training tech now has flavor text
- Fuel Refinery now has the Factory AI upgrade
- Colonists are now immune to Earthsick when playing with IMM sponsor
- Colonists no longer reserve residential slots in faraway domes if shuttle hubs are not operational (e.g. during a dust storm)
- Triboelectric Scrubber no longer scrubs buildings inside domes
- Colonists can now be manually assigned to training (School, University, Sanatorium)
- It is no longer possible to select the same trait multiple times in Schools
- Construction of building upgrades is now serviced by more drones
- Fixed a bug with calculations of modifiers and small amounts of research points
- Fixed an exploit that allowed the construction of buildings via keybindings without the necessary tech
- Fixes for the mystery log of the Spheres mystery
- Fixed an issue which caused colonists to eat less food. Boosted production of farms slightly to compensate for the increased consumption.


- “Research complete” notification now shows the tech deion in question on rollover
- Added option to rename buildings
- Shuttle Hub now shows information about shuttle load across the colony
- Botanists & Geologists have new icons
- Changed dome quarantine button to Immigration Policy control
- Merged the "Assign Workplace", "Assign Residence" buttons for colonists into a single button "Assign to Building"
- Added an indicator which traits are selected in schools and sanatoriums when selecting traits
- Keybindings for rover commands now work correctly
- Fungal Farm Automation upgrade now uses correct icon
- Allowed rebinding of camera zoom in/out and camera tilt keybindings
- Seniors are no longer considered "outside the workforce" after researching Forever Young
- Drone workload information added to RC Rover
- Fixed a bug where rocket fuel was not displayed in certain cases
- Rocket pins no longer blink ready during dust storms
- Selecting a building while the build menu is open no longer causes the building's AOE visuals to break
- Hints for game speed, camera controls and orbital probes now display bound keys correctly
- Added an error message when trying to overwrite a save during upload to cloud
- Added confirmation prompt when closing the Filter UI
- Exports notification now shows accumulated funding if multiple rockets arrive on Earth consecutively
- Added salvage button to the info panel of pipes, valves and switches
- Excess fuel caused by Advanced Martian Engines is now unloaded from rockets before take off
- "Daily Production" changed to "Production per Sol"; "hourly production" changed to "production"
- Renamed a control hint to "Queue on top" in the research UI
- Added new icons for Construct Drone and Dismantle Drone button
- Vacant residential slots text in domes no longer includes slots from nurseries
- Officers are no longer called "security" in filter UI
- Cargo rocket UI now shows the number of resources in the colony on rollover of a given resource
- Depots resource icon is no longer mirrored
- Colonists can no longer be manually assigned while they are in the process of resettling
- Autonomous Drone Hubs and Sensor Towers no longer display an empty power consumption section in their info panel
- Implemented tutorial hint for building upgrades
- Updated credits


- Domes no longer get constantly dusted. Only domes that are turned off or not working are dusted.
- Children now play around in the school (visualization only)
- Fixed some issues in the trajectory of shuttles
- Glass decals are removed when the dome is destroyed
- Domes no longer leave grass behind when destroyed
- Recharge stations no longer turn their light off when a drone visits them
- More precise slider for time of day in Photo Mode
- All adult colonists now have the same walking speed
- Cargo shuttles return to the hub when it's being destroyed
- Increased number of lights at night
- Photo Mode night lights of building match in-game lights
- Photo Mode particle effects fixed
- Various performance optimizations
- Various stability improvements
- Various sound FX tweaks
- CO2 geysers only erupt sporadically, as intended
Особенности Игры
Чтобы построить поселение в условиях, не приспособленных для жизни, вам придется хорошо все продумать и спланировать. В случае ошибки вам грозят не пробки на дорогах, а смерть колонистов. Перебои с электричеством на планете с непригодной к дыханию атмосферой обойдутся слишком дорого.
Красная планета хранит множество секретов — в лучших традициях Кларка и Азимова. В каждом из прохождений игроки могут столкнуться с одной из тщательно проработанных загадок Марса. И их изучение может привести колонию к процветанию или к катастрофе.
Классический футуризм 1960-х в современной обработке, яркий и элегантный. Пришло время исследований и приключений!
Особенности RePack
Установи и играй!
За основу взята лицензия GOG (ID: 1424717003)
Версия игры: v1.0 от 05.04.2018
EN/RU Инсталлер
Запуск игры с рабочего стола
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Surviving Mars: Stellaris Dome Set
Surviving Mars: ModTools

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