Expeditions: Viking [v 1.0.1] (2017) PC | Патч

Expeditions: Viking [v 1.0.1] (2017) PC | Патч

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Игра: Expeditions: Viking | Платформа: PC | Защита: Steam
Дата выпуска игры: 27 апр. 2017 | Язык интерфейса: Русский, английский, MULTi
Версия обновления: 1.0.1 | Требуемая версия игры: Здесь


Update v1.0.1:
Feature fixes and balance tweaks
Added Intro and Endgame subtitles for French, Polish, and Russian (German was already in)
Pixel light count set to 2 by default, since 4 was causing the game to crash on older machines - if you've experienced crashes, you may still need to lower this manually in case your config is overriding the change
Dramatically increased the travel speed by ship
Increased the medicine cost for treating injuries
Made saving the Fog of War not thread-dependent
Ranged characters should now properly target tile-objects (no path markers, range visualisation etc.)
Fire Arrow can target tar pots now
Fixed a bug where some AI would not move in the Flee behavior when the path to the escape zone was blocked
Fixed a bug where if the stepback tile for the Smack ability was not assigned it would cause the game to get stuck
Fixed a bug where the victory conditions for the previous encounter would appear in the victory conditions panel for the new encounter
Increased the default bonfire light intensity
Barricade cover is now correctly removed when the barricade is destroyed
Fixed issue with character combat info panel giving wrong information
Fixed a bug where if the last enemy dies not bleeding, it would not end combat
Make sure the follower selection shows the portraits all the time
Fixed party information panel in Polish not parsing the average morale correctly
Fixed a bug where melee character would not advance when out of range
Made sure abilities that do not damage the target show the damage expected as 0
Reduced the amount of feet shuffling in combat
You can now attack tile objects with reach weapons from two tiles away as intended
Fixed issue with Player:Genitive not appearing for other languages than Polish
Fixed the interior area tilesets not fading out correctly when the camera was viewing them from behind
Added intro logo video so you know who made the game (but we still haven't implemented the Credits button in the main menu because we don't want you to think we're self-absorbed)

Quest and level fixes
Fixed the world's most ambiguous fail state if you fail a storyline after Dun Phris (it honestly might still be a bit ambiguous depending on how cooperative the random camping events are in selecting the correct event, but we're working on it)
Fixed the ending being available before you do 
Fixed the encounter trigger on re-triggering and fixed characters sinking into the shrine floor
Made saving of FOW not thread dependant
Re-snapped some hex maps in Dun Phris and painted some more cover
Fixed a blocker that was trapping players in Yngilwood if 
Fixed the game logic around entering York and fixed a big game-breaker in the game logic on the door to the king's hall
Fixed being able to leave without 
Fixed some window planes being oriented wrong and added a 7500 valuables to 
Added waypoints for some of the lootable items in so you don't do it from behind walls, etc.
Fixed some of the dynamically appearing objects in so you can't walk through them anymore
Fixed the light in the Scarborough camp casting a weird shadow
Moved the transitions in the plains map so you can't see them from the other camera bounds
Changed icon to 
Added the last string translations in German
Added loot configurations to , fixed some hovering stuff on top of barrels and 
Fixed the not showing up on the world map if you've gotten the quest
Fixed an issue where leaving didn't close the quest
Fixed the map marker for having a non-localized tooltip
Fixed a place where you could get stuck preventing you from leaving in the mountain cave
Fixed triggering again if you lose the fight before 
Added filters to the follower selection nodes in FeastFollowerInput so it doesn't pick Aife or Morcant
Set Aiblinn to plot critical and set Grainne to not spawn in Caustantin's hall if she's supposed to be at the caves
Fixed the tower encounter retriggering in York and fixed Caustantin having the wrong goal marker on him after 
Fixed some typos and added some missing localisation to EnglishNorse
Made disable themselves if you lose the war
Fixed missing R in his first name that was causing it not to be localized
Added goal markers for ReachEoforwic and ReachPerth
Fixed an issue where the goals weren't correctly completed
Added birds to Scarborough and fixed a bug where the Absentee Tax Collector encounter had no AI group assigned to it
Set up the right non-follower party spawner for after main quest completion in Scarborough (so they're actually in the camp instead of standing on the beach on the other side of the ship)
Made not cast shadows, made thunderstorm not appear during the day, and added camera collision for 
Made the player's ship able to dock in the Perth harbour if 
Added a missing barricade to a fight in 
Tweaked the barricade obstacle colliders slightly to avoid unbroken barricades blocking the player after certain fights
The now sit down at their tables
Tweaked the triggers for 
Fixed some dialogue branches that led to the Unwanted Guests quest not being properly closed
Fixed a fair few hex map issues in the chester sewers and fixed some floating onions
Fixed an issue where would do nothing if you freed him before you got the quest - he'll now talk to you, and you can collect the reward without having the quest
Fixed an issue in the mountain caves entrance where multiple followers would speak over each other
Fixed Domnall missing from Caustantin's hall after Dun Phris

Audio fixes and additions
End cinematic music and credits audio timing fix
Switch weapon button sfx
More sound effects for filler characters who are standing around and playing animations
End cinematic music track updated
Mix + unarmed act sfx
VOX retrigger categories + sack loot sfx
Weapon rack now has sounds
Credits music cut
Fixed issue with sound playing while loading game
Perth and York complex music setup
End cinematic ambience

1. Установить игру Expeditions.Viking-CODEX
2. Установить патч Expeditions.Viking.Update.v1.0.1-CODEX
3. Скопировать содержимое папки CODEX в папку с установленной игрой, заменить.
4. Играть!

***Смена языка в опциях игры

Expeditions: Viking [v 1.0.1] (2017) PC | Патч.torrent


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