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STALKER: Lost Alpha - Developer's Cut (Dezowave) (RUS|ENG) (v1.4002|01.05.2017) [L] - Dezowave

3-05-2017, 14:08
STALKER: Lost Alpha - Developer's Cut (Dezowave) (RUS|ENG) (v1.4002|01.05.2017) [L] - Dezowave

Жанр: Action (FPS/Shooter) / RPG / 3D / 1st Person / Survival horror / Open World
Разработчик: Dezowave
Издатель: Dezowave
Тип издания: Лицензия
Версия игры: v1.4002 от 01.05.2017
Язык интерфейса: Русский / Английский
Язык озвучки: Русский / Английский
Таблетка: Не требуется
Система: Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8.1 / 10 (Рекомендуется 64-битная OC)
Процессор: Intel® Core™2 Duo 2.4 GHz;
Память: 2 GB;
Видеокарта: 1024 MB / nVIDIA® GeForce™ / ATI Radeon®;
Свободное место на диске: 24 GB;

Об игре: Финальная версия STALKER: Lost Alpha - Developer's Cut, разрабатываемая командой Dezowave. Основная задача Developer's Cut (DC): разнообразить игровой процесс и исправить все недочеты предыдущей версии LA.

-Разного рода шейдерные исправления.
-Прирост оптимизации в рендере.
-Была сделана перебалансировка всего оружия в игре, его параметров, наличие у торговцев.
-Исправление всяческих багов выявленных за всё время. Например, время работы батареек фонарика или поведение некоторых автомобилей.
-Починены трассеры и eax.
-Полная русская локализация текста будет в моде сразу, без потребности устанавливать руссификаторы.
-Вырезаны старые кат-сцены и анимки сделанные ещё в старые времена моддинга, которые могут попортить впечатление от игры.
-Недоработки диалогов и квестов.
-Различные геймплейные фиксы.
-И многое другое... 

-Новая система погоды, разнообразная и невероятно красивая.
-Четвертый рендер на DX11
-Новая баллистика оружия, которая была перенесена с ЗП, апгрейды ЗП и руки ЗП. Для всего нового оружия и костюмов добавлены руки и апгрейды.
-Конечно же новый спавн на всех локациях, заполнение пустых мест. Ходить по Зоне стало намного интереснее, но и толпы там тоже не бродят.
-На существующие гулаги добавлены новые работы и состояния. (на многих сталкеры будут идти спать и тд.)
-Новые квесты, которые, хоть их и не огромное количество, разнообразят игровой процесс, проведут по незатронутым местам и займут игрока на некоторое время (на данный момент готово около 45 квестов, не считая однотипных)
-Различные геймплейные нововведения (немного, но есть). Например, система навыков героя в ПДА, влияющая на многие аспекты игры.
-Изменение баланса игры на более сложный, деньги играют в игре большую роль.
-Перебаланс всех артефактов и новые геймплейные особенности.
-И многое другое...

Patch changelog v1.4000 - 26.04.2017:
S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Lost Alpha official Developers Cut
Engine updated: Apr 26 2017
Engine version: 1.4000
Build number: build 6655
ETA: 26th April 2017 


- fixed incorrect syntax in task_manager for relation
- fixed cost for Rat pie
- fixed crash when trying to talk to wounded military on Pripyat
- fixed the handling of white niva vehicle and the model itself
- fixed the handling of lada cabrio and raf truck
- fixed the VIP card dialogue in Bar (Duty arena)
- fixed unresponsive zombies on Forest
- cleaned out all stashes of unused items
- fixed the few invincible monolith soldiers on Darkdolina
- fixed rare error with xr_effects.script:2142: attempt to index local 'inv_box' (a nil value)
- fixed bugs in sound engine
- fix for xr_logic.script:42: attempt to index local 'stor' (a nil value)
- fixed the tunned white niva (root bone was set too low, it could stuck to small rocks and debris easily)
- fixed the remaining vibrating windows/glass surfaces on R1 (static lightning) render
- fixed and finetuned water surface on r1 and r3 render
- added back ammo tracers and bullet holes
- fixed several sound files
- fixed the unresponsive AI
- fixed the not properly working 'hit sounds', 'death sounds' (and other sounds) so AI reacts even better
- fixed the random crashes when using some of the 3rd party graphic overlays, like fps counters or Steam in-game panel
- fixed shooting effector
- fixed water which visible through the fog
- fixed rain stripes on DX10/11
- fixed treasure manager (which gives stash info to player)
- fixed some missing strings (text files)
- fixed incorrect materials
- fixed glows (they won't shine thru the walls)
- fixed the black fences around Doc's house on Swamp level (wrong surface -> incorrect shadow)
- fixed smoke particles
- fixed the intro sound
- fixed the missing mutant names (when player searches body)
- fixed and finetuned xr_heli chopper scheme
- fixed bugs in bind_car script for proper NPC detection when actor is behind a vehicle, or stays in it
- fixed mutant cat-head item (was needed for a pda task, but the mutant never spawned it)
- fixed the bandit scene on Garbage level
- fixed translucent dynamic objects (windows, anomalies etc.) which visible through the fog
- fixed the bug at the countryside blockpost, where army always attacked the player on returning from lost factory level
- fixed a sidetask on construction site, which could fail due to a missing precondition
- fixed a crash in cordon which happened if you talked to one of Petruha's men without taking the quest from Wolf
- fixed a rare or random crash in the Pripyat Undergrounds level
- fixed the sometimes unresponsive codedoor keypad in Pripyat Undergrounds level
- fixed the ground detail bump textures, they were too grainy
- added all missing hands models for all new suits
- added all missing upgrades to all weapons and armors we had in LA
- some mutants were fixed (papakarlo, civil zombie)
- crosshair fix
- grenade hud fix
- task manager for sidetasks fixed
- fixed random bugs in arena (Bar)
- fixed sector and material problems in Agroprom level
- fixed geometry bugs on Forest level
- face culling fixup for details
- many fixes for upgrades
- fixed incorrect visual on actor when he drops his outfit
- fixed repair in upgrade window
- added highlighting of ammo and addons in trade window
- made nightvision to turn off when outfit is out of outfitslot
- fixed zoomin, zoomout, place a mark buttons in PDA map window
- fixed incorrect reading of vectors in user.ltx
- fixed wrong saving of ammo in weapon with grenade launcher
- fixed rendering of translucent models (weapon hud)
- aref geometry has shadows now
- fixed hiding glows on r3 and r4
- cursor is now centered in all dialogs and menu
- fixed crash when destroyable object is destroyed
- moved thirst and hunger to engine from scripts
- added values 'eat_thirst' and 'eat_phy_health' to eatable items
- fixed full recovery hunger and thirst when using food
- fixed incorrect particle positions in hud mode
- fixed inertion, strafes, bobbing for detector
- fixed 'satiety_restore_speed'
- fixed campfires and torch on r3, r4
- disabled drawing relation for monsters and car in carbody wnd
- set texture color for drag items
- mark inventory items in inventory, trade wnd and carbody wnd as in builds
- fixed message when torch is turned off
- fixed the bridge on Darkdolina (columns arent passable from now)
- fixed the uv error on the factory chimney in Cordon
- added more, previously missing xml nodes
- added a precondition to Petruha's men, so the game wont crash even if you don't talk to Wolf, they will send you to talk to him first
- fixed the vibrating door in Darklab (Darkdolina underground)
- fixed door in pripyat underground which was held back by zombies 

+ all previous patch fixes 


-- Gameplay 

- disabled blowouts in Bar until freeplay to avoid a very rare bug
- disabled the strange cutscene on Swamp on request of fans
- added extra behaviour for npcs when they use grenade
- added steal and sneak behaviour to certain monsters such as zombies, psydogs
- more alife on almost all levels, with higher respawn rate
- more variety in the mutant relations, to see more epic fights between them
- more and more sidequests
- many new smart terrains
- doubled the battery duration
- lowered the fuel usage
- lowered the volume of detector sounds
- finetuned generic trader files
- added more weapon fixer-upgrader npcs (ivancov, guide, ghost, freedom barman, doc, kruglov)
- the lada cabrio is no longer immortal
- weapon upgrade system from Call of Pripyat
- added ammo parameters from Call of Pripyat (k_dist, k_air_resistance, k_ap etc...)
- added PKM and Protecta from Call of Pripyat
- flight of bullets are now depending on the protection of armour (bullet wont go thru the heavy armor, it will cause ricochet)
- re-enabled artefact hunter scheme (wandering and camper npcs search for artefacts)
- re-enabled looting scheme (wandering and sometimes camper npcs loot dead bodies)
- re-enabled humming, whistling for random npcs to achieve even nicer atmosphere
- added back some old articles to pda, which we forgot to enable previously
- upgraded items are now marked with an arrow in left corner, so players will know which one is edited if they have more of the same kind
- opened up the countryside level a bit more to the east
- pripyat secret trader won't disappear after a couple of minutes
- btr has a working trunk now
- you can bribe the arena guard from now, which means you don't need to wait a week to be able to go thru the arena, you can do it anytime now
- bar's (great metal factory) geometry was changed for easier access
- skills module re-initiated, working on implementing point system (current skills: barter, survivor, sharpshooter, endurance)
- all upgrades were rebalanced
- all artefacts were rebalanced
- all suits were rebalanced
- more suits to wear
- artifacts less appreciable now
- more upgradable items
- made nightvision for helmet and nightvision device (for modmakers)
- on master difficulty removed npc counter from hud and the "beep" sound
- nightvision can be turned on in car
- now actor can't drag npcs with full inventory
- bandits in the Dark Valley have a better taste in music
- new binoculars
- binoculars now have upgrades, motion tracking is disabled by default
- detectors from Call of Pripyat, all are upgradeable
- eating food makes you thirsty
- alcohol restores psi-health
- Strelok's stash is less accessible
- new variable zoom PSO added with own reticle
- new not-so-secret NPC in the Bar area 

-- Graphics 

- finetuned the dynamic weather on DX9/10 render
- tweaked postprocessing to achieve nicer display
- atmospheric ukrainian weather pack with around 50 unique skybox captured in Ukraine (pending)
- HD textures addon for many surfaces, which actually looked lowpoly previously
- HD foliage texture pack by Cromm
- weather tweaks
- finetuned grass shadows
- finetuned grass shading without using grass shadows
- weapons and armor huds ported from Call of Pripyat to Lost Alpha
- player now has a unique, well-known face
- weapon animations have been tuned by King Friday
- recompiled Cordon with vegetation changes and geometry changes
- recompiled Rostok Factory with geometry and vegetation changes
- recompiled Countryside with vegetation and geometry changes
- added high quality, natural color tree and vegetation textures by Cromm Cruac
- recompiled Agroprom with geometry and vegetation changes
- recompiled Forest with vegetation changes and extras
- made dof effector when actor is aiming
- pistols and USSR weaponry have orange-red tracers, NATO weaponry has red tracers
- disabled 'explosion' for some bullets
- AK of the doomed one has a new texture 

-- Engine 

- engine now detects all the sound cards connected to your pc and you can select any of them to use
- grass movement can now be controlled from user.ltx, and from weather files
- grass draw distance now can be set from console from 30 to 240 meters (SoC used 25meter by default)
- sun lumscale, ambient and hemi color can now be controlled from weather, so it can be changed or mixed as the weather changes, creating nice atmosphere
- implemented DX11 render mode (with the same bugs as it had in CoP)
- added shaders cache ('r__shaders_cache' console command) which speeds up the loading of shaders when pressed alt+tab
- added support v3 and v4 skinning types to models. Lost Alpha can load CS and COP models
- made clean up G-buffer each frame to avoid "ghosting" on sky
- added new hud adjust mode to adjust weapons on cop hands
- all texts from scripts, configs were moved to text/ folder
- extra option to hide/unhide subtasks on pda tasks section
- added console command to disable/enable sun flares
- depth of field is controlled by weather
- added 'r2_dof_weather' console command for using dof values from weather or from console values
- more types crosshairs
- added new parameters for artefacts
- now outfits have the same description as artefacts, no need to add parameters of outfit to translation files
- added 'auto_detect_entities' parameter to binoculars so that it could be true or false and also could be upgrated
- added reserved tasks to LA engine, which includes new tab in PDA. infoportion and call_function etc.
- added new parameters to outfit also added them to upgrade list
- added new method 'allow_break_talk_dialog' for xr_meet as in Call of Pripyat
- added console command 'keep_textures_in_ram'
- returned back spawn of artefact when alive entity dies in it as in builds
- New console command to skip texture loading state. Useful for debuging; r__skip_texture_load
- Added separate fps counter. command rs_fps
- Fix for hud particles not being rendered with the reacent particle distance tweak
- added 'current_detector' and 'r__glows_enable'
- optimized detector sound, and did some code organization
- code for psy-health bar in inventory
- Tourch parametrs can now be configured in configs too.
- Replaced Name by Nameshort for highlighting items names when pressed F
- adde console command r2_particle_distance. Now particle distance can be tweaked.
- added steep parallax param 'use_p:' to textures specification
- disabled blending light direct because something wrong with suncascades
- set texture color for drag items
- added 'has_upgrade' method
- disabled 'keep_necessary_textures' by default
- added 'dof_kernel', 'dof_sky' to weather, renamed 'dof_far'->'dof'
- added 'r2_dof_weather' console command for using dof values from weather or from console values
- disabled drawing relation for monsters and car in carbody wnd
- red unupgradable items in upgrade wnd
- mark inventory items in inventory, trade wnd and carbody wnd
- fixed campfires and torch on r3, r4
- added 'eat_psy_health' to eatable items
- returned SSE2 to SSE
- cursor is now centered in all dialogs, added 'NeedCenterCursor' method for it
- disabled centering cursor for ScriptWnd, use 'NeedCenterCursor'
- fixed 'satiety_restore_speed'
- moved thirst and hunger to engine from scripts
- added value 'eat_thirst' to eatable items
- added 'satiety' and 'thirst' properties
- added united crosshair console command
- fixed incorrect reading of vectors in user.ltx
- fixed wrong saving of ammo in CWeaponMagazinedWGrenade
- fixed rendering of translucent models (weapon hud)
- fixed shadows of aref geometry
- fixed hiding glows on r3 and r4
- added method 'level.object_by_name'
- fixed crash when destroyable object is destroyed
- unupgradable wpns/outfits are visible in upgrade wnd now
- disabled messages 'Version conflict in shader' and 'Renderer doesn't support blender'
- added intro switch to options
- added hud and camera fov sliders to options
- added prefetch switch to options
- added new crosshair switcher to options
- added particle distance slider to video options
- added HDR coefficient switch to video options
- added sun flare switch to video options
- added enviromental dof switch to video options 

+ all previous patch addons 

- incorrect sunshadows on dx10 render with older ATI-AMD cards (couldn't fix)
- SweetFX and alikes renderer injectors crash (couldn't entirely fix) 

Big patch changelog v1.4002 - 01.05.2017:
Lost Alpha Developer's Cut v1.4002 repacked version, containing pre-dc v1.3003 + dc v1.4000 + 1.4001 + v1.4002!
Here is a repacked version of Developer's Cut. It contains the pre-dc patch 1.3003, and the dc 1.4000, 1.4001 plus it's newest 1.4002 version. Everything bundled into 1 single patch for easier handling.
You will need to install Lost Alpha 1.3000 first, then this big 1.4002, and you are ready to play. If you install this the first time, new game start is a must. If you already had 1.4001 from various sources, new game start is still highly recommended, otherwise not all of the fixes will take effect. This new patch will erase your user.ltx to make sure nothing remains from the old 1.3 release, which could also cause trouble.
We were browsing the forums since the release of 1.4, and tried to fix all possible bugs, which we could in such a short time, to make the game much more enjoyable. We will post a changes log once its finished, it's not too long, but not short either.
Don't forget to bug us, if something happens, we will try to help, if we can. However there were many reports which were pointed to problems on the user's side, not on ours/game/. In most cases it took us hours to help, but we did, and in the end, everyone was happy. We will try to keep this attitude with players, who are the same friendly to us, as we are to them.
Important note:
If you install Lost Alpha 1.3000, don't forget to install the OpenAL sound driver in the end ,among with the other 3rd party content, so the game will work flawlessly as it should.
If you have problems with openal32.dll, remove it from the bins directory, and use the generic drivers in game. It's possible that it wont work on all hardware. We couldn't test all possible variations.
Changes log of 1.4002:
- fixes for Nimble (crash on sleep)
- fixes for escape smarts and npcs
- fix for weather crash and blowout
- fix for artifacts with zero values
- fix the text of the side task for Mole on the Agroprom level
- fix for the Factory in Cordon, now Petruha and team will not follow you, if you decide to do it alone
- Nimble will no longer die during the run from the village under the bridge and vice-versa
- Fox shouldn't die either, also should not react on any noise in his bunker
- Fixed a script error with the implementation of invulnerability for npcs
- fix for Darkscape level to keep actor's weapon usable on a mission
- fixed a bug with pda crash on the Darkscape level
- fixed a bug with pda crash on the Dead City level
- fixed duplicate icons for certain upgrades and unique items
- fixed the military behavior in Dead city
- fixed the cutscene in Dead City level (the cutscene is now synchronized)
- fixed the quest with Sidorovich's documents
- fixed particle crashes in Forest level
- fixed icon for quest item in Forest level
- dialog about killing the bloodsucker "King" added for Petrenko
- repeating of the cutscene on the Escape level is corrected
- some corrections in translations in Russian and English
- removed "ger" and "ita" localization from the menu, they aren't finished yet
- fixed skill points for pda, they were not updated properly previously
- fixed ui related crash on 4:3 monitors
- added support for 4:3 monitors, fix from Lone_Wanderer21
- fix crashes on 4:3
- fixed weapon aim positions for 4:3 resolutions
- fixed binoculars texture
- npc grenade throwing is restored
Let's go to the Zone once more!

Инструкция по установке:
Установка по порядку:
1. Запустить установщик из папки 1.LostAlpha_v1.3000 и установить игру.
2. Запустить установщик из папки 2.LostAlpha_DC_1.4002_full_dezowave и установить.
3. Установка русской озвучки опционально, из папки скопировать файл gamedata.dbr в папку с установленной игрой.
4. Запуск игры с ярлыка на раб. столе от имени администратора.
5. Играть!

Обязательно установить дополнительное ПО.

Официальные инсталляторы от разработчиков, не требуется установка оригинала игры.

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